chocolate for the parents 019

when the circus leaves the town, all that remains are leftovers. it may take place here as well as at your door / behind your door. a kirtag, a singular plural. a quermess /quermesses of charming brazilian nightdresses / pagan electro socioeconomical dance strategies / a midsummer solestitia / a Dionysionan scapegoat / visit the han solo cabin / do not go alone /

kirtag is not prose, it´s a bouquet / it takes more than one parish fair to make a swallow´s nest / follow the swallows, they will lead you to a carcass / in a mass of pigtails there is always polysemic interference /

"The funfair experience is completely underrated," said Carsten Höller. "I don't know why we don't take it more seriously philosophically and artistically."

sollbruchstellen an rand- und kernarbeitern / outsidern / insidern / serientätern / breaks in the order of the jungle conspiracy / fear is not critical, when you encounter the boundaries / the radical playgrounds of your own distances / spectator / conspirator / fugitive / singularity / gambler / score kings & queens /

zuckerwatte / nebbich/ goldjetons /

billions of brass doorknobs / a werewolf caroussel /

singuläre seismographisches scheitern der exegese vs. strukturschaffen der maschinenredundanz nirvanesker entpersönlichung / seismographic fatalities in exegesis vs. structural deconstruction of machinistique redundancies / loose your depersonalized nirvana ticket / autodrom vs. palindrom /

/ kava korum. hula hupe. wir tanzen auf meilensteinen rumba.

cave quorum


this is the outer rim of the narration. the park´s fence.

cross it on your own risk. you might loose the game.

or you might win it.

go to (>> cftp039):

Lunapark - have fun..