chocolate for the parents 018

the beauty of grey /

either...or, only, just, binary logics, dialectics are per se suspicious / dialectic solutions are still solutions / dialectic decisions are still decisions / polyvalence is king / in a monovalent statement /

it´s not about not deciding / on the contrary - it´s about mulitplying valent decisions / do not get stuck in local minima / diversify perspectives and algorithms / let´s become polydecisive / amorphic mud / a demon called indifference /

let a skoteinos rivermouth, a combined sewage overflow enlightment be our leaderguru /

earthdisruption apologies untanned / a matter of grey /

a blood vessel is a blood vessel and brains are roses /


flags are like brains / flag art is inapropriate / artworks are no Gestalt-experiments*

control is not control /

flag as inapropriate

* vgl. "[...] Kunstwerke sind kein thematic apperception Test ihres Urhebers" Adorno Th. W. (1970) Ästhetische Theorie. Suhrkamp, Frankfurt a. M., S. 21

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? /

The ice is gonna break /