chocolate for the parents 011

\\\ function follows form / exhibitions exhibit inhibitions / i am a form, not a person / i am a broken law designing laws / i am a flaw / metapolitics of metafiction / a reverse tetsuo / proliferating / i am one, but manifold / i am a recombining hybrid / a subjective destitution / i am the supernormal poptimism of simplexity /i am sick of saying i am/ i am a playful monster / openly hiding

where lies the decay of lying? / incertitudo / inadaequatio intellectus ad rem / a dialogue / aletheia / alea /

/ maybe intensity, the heart-stopping awe of the spectatorplayer is diminishing the spectacle. Maybe it is augmenting change. No, we cannot. Sensations may wear off, play may reoccur /

"Dazu tut Not, tapfer bei der Oberfläche der Falte, der Haut stehen zu bleiben, den Schein anzubeten, an Formen, an Töne, an Worte, an den ganzen Olymp des Scheins zu glauben." FN, Gay Science, Introduction

a poetic form? /

no / yes /

poiesis? / is that praxis? /

maybe /

die re-poetisierung der welt / the re-poetization of the world /

dichtung / congestion /

a tonification /

a tone